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King County, WA – Facilities Management Division

Seattle, WA

Project Timeframe: 2014

King County (WA) - Facilities Management Division

The Facilities Management Division (FMD) of King County, Washington selected Triad Consulting & System Design Group (Triad Consulting) to provide security consulting services for the review of FMD’s Security Policy and Procedures Manual. This policy and procedures manual contains the regulations, policies, procedures and other directives or communications, which govern the activities of all FMD Security Unit members.

During phase 1 of the project, Triad Consulting provided a thorough review and submitted a document outlining if polices and their associated procedures met current security best practices. For phase 2, Triad Consulting performed an in-depth review of areas in the manual that require potential initiation of “the continuum of force”, detailed methods and devices associated with the use of force and determined if procedures were in accordance with labor and industry standards. Special consideration was given to protection of people under escort, removal of trespassers from county property and the homeless shelter.

The project deliverables included a written report with proposed modified policies and procedures that were in compliance with current standards, best practices, labor and industries rules, and risk management recommendations.