Physical Security and IT Convergence

The exponential surge of IP-enable electronic security devices has led to an unprecedented attempt to converge these devices onto information technology networks that were not designed to support these types of systems. These attempts at convergence can have a negative impact on the performance of the network if the network has not been properly designed and deployed to handle this increase in traffic. Along with presenting new security challenges, the convergence of Internet-connected devices, voice, video, and data also provides ways to integrate logical and physical security that were not possible just a few years ago.

Triad Consulting provides expertise in the technical challenges facing organizations attempting convergence of electronic security systems and associated IP-enable equipment with information technology systems within their organizations.

From analyzing the optimal physical and electronic security equipment for protecting your IT equipment locations, developing recommendations for network optimization to support your growing IP-enable electronic security system integration, migration and convergence of legacy devices and sensors, to recommending information security requirements to prevent the introduction of new threat vectors into your IT system – Triad Consulting can bridge the gap between your traditional security and information technology departments.

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