Managed Services

Is your security system running as efficiently as possible?
Are your technologies correctly installed, configured, programed, and optimized to deliver maximum return on investment (ROI) and the most benefit to your security program?
Can your staff stay on top of changes, reconfigurations, patches, and updates to keep your effectiveness at optimum levels?

Organizations nationwide trust Triad Consulting’s technical experience and operational know-how to maximize the value of electronic security systems. As an objective third party and certified in numerous security technologies, Triad Consulting can provide your organization options in technical support services.

For security, information technology, and facilities management departments that are interested in achieving long-term, financial predictability and improved operational services, we offer our customized solutions that include:

System Administration Support
Triad Consulting can serve as your trusted partner who helps you get the most of your security system investment. Let Triad Consulting manage your moves, adds, or changes by providing programming, database management, system labeling, door and alarm schedules, and card issuance activities.

System Technology Support
We bridge the gap between your security staff and IT professionals. Triad Consulting will maintain your security technology so that updates are implemented regularly. Triad Consulting can also help you keep your graphical user interface current. Device additions and deletions and associated actions are quickly updated.

Preparation for Audit
Many security systems will set up an audit trail. Does your team know how to match your audit requirements with your system’s capabilities? Our security experts will make the needed adjustments to your system to meet those requirements at implementation, or later as privacy requirements evolve.

Combined with our consulting, system design, and construction oversight services, our managed services provide superior long-term value. Contact Triad Consulting to learn more about how our managed services can augment your staff.