Security Management

Master Planning – Triad Consulting provides expertise in defining the fundamental goals and overall vision for your security program. A clearly stated direction for your security program is the hallmark of our master planning services. We road map your future security needs by defining and prioritizing what, when, and where enhancements are needed. These needs can be physical, operational, or technological (systems & IT) in nature.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments – Triad Consulting evaluates your security posture by conferring with you, your stakeholders, and business unit managers to understand your business goals and objectives relating to security. We then survey and assess your organization; its sites, facilities, systems, and infrastructure to gather relevant data as to the threats and vulnerabilities facing your organization. With this information we perform needs and gap analysis to provide you with prioritized recommendations and implementation budgets for physical, operational, and technological improvements.

Security Program Consulting – Triad Consulting can improve your security program effectiveness through program review and audit to new program creation in the following areas:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Employee Awareness Programs

  • Training Review and Improvements

  • Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency

  • Audits and Compliance

Standards & Guidelines Creation – Triad Consulting produces specification standards and design guidelines to assist your security organization in propagating security decisions through new construction and renovation projects.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) – CPTED is a multi-disciplined approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design. Triad Consulting provides design strategies for natural surveillance and access control, territorial reinforcement, and legitimate activity support. We study structural behavioral analysis, landscaping, lighting, engineering, and architectural designs in our CPTED evaluations.

Physical Security – Triad Consulting evaluates physical security options to support or facilitate the concepts of deterrence, denial, detection, and defeat of unauthorized or adversarial personnel. We evaluate and recommend cost-effective options that work cohesively with your operational and technological security program. Physical security features may include:

  • Structural Hardening, Facility Entrance Controls, Lighting

  • Locks, Door Hardware, Key Control

  • Perimeter Controls, Guard Houses

  • Barriers, Walls, Fences, Gates, Bollards