Fire Alarm Code and System Analysis

Triad Consulting’s fire alarm consultants and system designers have spent years working for major system manufacturers, integrators, and engineering firms. Experience derived from design and implementation of hundreds of stand-alone and networked systems, in buildings of varying occupancy type, give our team the knowledge and expertise to provide cost-effective code compliance consulting and system audit services.

  • For existing systems, Triad Consulting is well versed in system audits to determine code compliance and life cycle status of aging systems.

  • For clients with multiple facilities, Triad Consulting can create uniform fire alarm standards for elevated life-safety protection, reduced insurance costs, and consistency of service and maintenance support.

  • Fire alarm systems are often thought of as commodity products with little thought for upgrade capability, manufacturer support, cost of system changes, and maintenance. Triad Consulting can provide manufacturer and technology evaluations that result in recommendations that take into account the overall cost of ownership.

  • Whether retrofit of an existing building or new construction, Triad Consulting understands the close relationship between a fire alarm system and the building’s electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural infrastructure. Triad Consulting provides close coordination with these building elements to provide code compliant designs no matter the occupancy type. From hospitals to universities, government buildings to commercial hi-rise; Triad Consulting can design the right system for your needs.