System Design

Integrated Systems Planning, Design, and Implementation Oversight

Triad Consulting provides design for a broad range of stand-alone or integrated technology systems. Professional design services are provided through a core group of systems engineers, designers and computer aided drafting technicians. Triad Consulting works with the architectural/engineering community using a proven process for planning, design and coordination. This results in highly integrated designs with all project disciplines. The design process includes the following elements:

Feasibility/Needs Analysis – We perform assessments, surveys and analysis of existing conditions. Based on the resultant findings, Triad Consulting prepares cost-effective recommendations for improvements to your systems.

Schematic Design – We prepare for owner review a “Basis for Design” document that outlines an improvement program in detail. This design criteria document may include system descriptions, preliminary budgets and concept drawings.

Design Development – We develop drawings, technical specifications, schedules and cost estimates to be used as a complete set of construction documents. Coordination among disciplines is also performed during this step of the process.

Construction Documents – This final step in the design process comprises the production of a coordinated set of contract documents, detailing systems, equipment and installation requirements including:

  • Drawings

  • Technical Specifications

  • Schedules

  • Cost Estimates

Bid and Negotiation Assistance – Triad Consulting can provide research and qualification of acceptable vendors and pre-qualify bidders. Additionally, we review bids for conformance to contract documents.

Construction Compliance – Triad Consulting stands up for the client throughout the implementation phase of the project. We help confirm conformance of installation to the contract documents through kick-off and progress meetings, site inspections, submittal reviews, RFI research and response, acceptance testing and preparation of record documents.

Integrated System Commissioning – A step beyond acceptance testing to help ensure that the integrated system performs to its fullest potential and reduces long-term operating costs, Triad Consulting’s engineering staff has been at the forefront of leveraging the benefits of electronic security system interaction.

Triad Consulting has experience with the following:

  • Systems Integration

  • Access Control Systems

  • Credentialing/ID Systems

  • Video Surveillance Systems

  • Intrusion/Perimeter Alarms

  • Physical Security Information Management

  • Security Intercoms

  • Duress Voice Communications Systems

  • Emergency Notification Systems

  • Radio/Telephony Communications Systems

  • Visitor Entry Systems

  • Fire Alarm/VESDA Systems

  • Hospital Specialty Systems

  • Correctional Facility Systems

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems

  • Copper, Fiber Optic and Wireless Infrastructure